The PGS Transport & Logistics Company

Since its establishment in 2002, PGS Transport & Logistics is a purely Greek company with main activity the transportation of merchandise and containers, providing comprehensive services that are consistent with the values of its customer supply chain.

The company provides integrated services in road and combined transport, container management in privately owned areas in the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, Attiki.

PGS has well-trained and experienced staff in Logistics and Business Administration as well as a modern privately owned fleet of vehicles and machinery. Continuous investments in equipment and human resources have helped to develop services respecting the environment and providing greater security at the desired cost.

Since 2005 it has been registered in the Registry of Non-hazardous Waste Managers of the Department of Solid Waste Management of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, has all the necessary permits and certifications for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste, has certified vehicles, trained personnel as well as chemical engineer consultant for flammable and hazardous ADR loads.


In the 1930s, the products were transported with carts and springs. In the wider area of Lavreotiki, which is our place of origin, mining of ores were transferred to the processing factory by our grandfather, Nikos Liagis.

In the following years, 1949, his son, George Liagis, co-operated with the aim of acquiring a public utility truck. By 1955, he acquired his first KRUPP truck by transporting to third parties.

In 1969, his children, Nicholas and Panagiotis Liagis, replaced their father’s truck with two new of the brands VOLVO and MERCEDES until they acquired six trucks in 1980. At that time they established the “AFOI LIAGI IME LTD” and provide transportation and storage of merchandise and containers at facilities in Keratsini, lifting machines capable of up to 25 tons, making the company pioneering in Piraeus.

In 1984, they converted the company to SA with the distinctive name “N & P LIAGKI SA”, having now 15 trucks and 40 trailers of various types.

In 1989, after the death of Nikolaos Liagis, his brother, Panagiotis Liagis, an engineer from the School of Educational Workers of Vocational & Technical Education, took over the company himself and extended its activities. He becomes a shareholder in the shipping company HERMES LINES based in Piraeus, in the transit company EXPERT TRANS with headquarters in Glyfada and MEDTERMINALS SA with headquarters in Keratsini and a branch in Aspropyrgos. At the same time, he trades trucks and machinery from foreign firms.

In 2000, he set up a German-based transport company based in Munich with privately-owned vehicles with international business from Italy to Greece for Henkel Hellas and Colgate Palmolive exports to Italy respectively.

In 2002, Panagiotis Liagis exited form N & P LIAGKI SA and establishes a new company with main shareholders his children, Giorgos and Stamatis Liagis. The new company LIAGI BROS AND CO., with the distinctive title “PGS Transport & Logistics”, has headquarters in Aspropyrgos, in privately owned facilities of 12,000 square meters.

In 2005, PGS buys the shipping company SPEDIMED of Lavrentiadis Group and is active in the transportation and distribution of chemical products. In the same year, he signs a contract with the body RECYCLING OF APPLIANCES SA for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste, developing a nationwide network mainly in the Greek islands with waste collection points with metal bins and containers and specially equipped HAGEN vehicles.